How does the automatic assessment work?

A “BreathTuner HRV” measurement consists of five breathing sections at different breathing rates. For each breath section, BreathTuner records your abdominal breathing and your heart beats. Various parameters are computed from this data. From comparisons within a measurement, but also over several measurements, we can then create high-quality recommendations regarding your individual best breathing rate. The more measurements you take, the more data is available for the most accurate analysis and recommendation.

In “BreathTuner HRV” the following breathing section parameters are taken into account:

  1. The coherence between your abdominal breathing and your heart rate. How well does your heart rate respond to breathing (faster on the inhale, slower on the exhale) and how well are these changes synchronized with your breathing?
  2. The extent to which your heart rate changes with your breathing. How much does the speed of your heart beats change with your breathing?
  3. What are the values for different HRV parameters: LF-Power, RMSSD, SDNN?
  4. How smooth, even and regular is your heart rate curve?

The importance of the parameters decreases from 1. to 4. I.e. coherence is the most important criterion.

In addition, there is your personal assessment. I.e. “How good or bad was your body feeling when breathing in a breathing section”. Your personal assessment is included in the automatic evaluation as an essential evaluation criterion.

Unlike other apps or recommendations from other app developers, BreathTuner HRV does not rely on a single HRV parameter (e.g. RMSSD) or solely on your personal feeling. BreathTuner is also the only app that can record and evaluate your abdominal breathing and heart beats in sync (coherence).

The automated assessment in BreathTuner HRV was developed based on the information and recommendations in this scientific paper, among others.

How does the automatic assessment work?

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