This is the breathing rate at which your autonomic nervous system (parasympathetic nervous system) works best. Exercises at this breathing rate help optimize your athletic training, relieve stress and anxiety, improve the quality of sleep, treat problems with high blood pressure, etc.

BreathTuner HRV guides you through a series of breathing sections at different breathing speeds. Both your heartbeats and your (abdominal) breathing are recorded and evaluated. Your optimal individual breathing rate can thus be determined via several measurements and an automated evaluation (individual resonance frequency).

The time relationship (synchronicity) between your heart rate and your breathing is the most important factor in determining your optimal breathing rate!

To the best of our knowledge, BreathTuner HRV is the only app that can record and analyze both the breathing signal (abdominal breathing) and your heartbeats in sync. Without this function, a reliable determination of your optimal breathing rate is not possible.

Plus, BreathTuner HRV automatically guides you to the finish line with high-quality sound flows and spoken instructions!

BreathTuner HRV supports all iPhone models from iPhone 6 onwards, i.e. all iPhone models launched in 2014 or later.

No! the app works without external sensors only with the iPhone.

Using an ECG-based heart rate monitor typically increases the quality of detecting your heartbeats (compared to measuring them with the iPhone camera). We support the following (Bluetooth) models:

  • Polar H7 and H10
  • Garmin HRM-Dual and HRM-Pro
  • Wahoo TICKR Series(TICKR and TICKRx but not TICKRfit) – these models have limited accuracy in synchronization with the breath signal.

The Polar H10 is able to directly transmit the ECG signal to the app. This is recorded in the app and also evaluated in real time and therefore ensures the highest possible data quality.

The base version of the app allows up to four measurements with a “Basic” program and thus, for example, the determination of the best breathing rate for the use of the Apple Watch “Breathe” app (the new name for the app is “Mindfulness”). You will be guided through the measurements with high-quality sound flows and instructions.

The Pro version of the app is unlocked via an InApp purchase and includes:

  • unlimited number of measurements
  • Determination of your individual breathing rate with high accuracy
  • Exact details on measurements and evaluations with diagrams and options for customization (e.g. limits for artifact detection)
  • Access to ECG data when using a Polar H10
  • Use of alternative breathing patterns

Typically, the accuracy of the evaluation increases with the number of measurements. As a guideline:

  • two measurements for an accuracy of one breath per minute.
  • four measurements for an accuracy of 0.5 breaths per minute (gold standard)
  • Six measurements for an accuracy of 0.25 breaths per minute (Pro)
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