Videoinstructions – chest strap

The video explains correct (abdominal) breathing and the correct positioning of the iPhone during a measurement with a chest strap (e.g. Polar H10). Phone upside down in the waistband with the display facing outwards. During the paced breathing sections let the phone move only from your belly. https://breathtuner.app/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/TwoBreathHrm.mp4

How does the automatic assessment work?

A “BreathTuner HRV” measurement consists of five breathing sections at different breathing rates. For each breath section, BreathTuner records your abdominal breathing and your heart beats. Various parameters are computed from this data. From comparisons within a measurement, but also over several measurements, we can then create high-quality recommendations regarding your individual best breathing rate. […]

Coherence breathing and heart rate

The most important metric for determining your optimal breathing rate is the relationship between your breathing and your heart rate. “BreathTuner HRV” is, to our knowledge, the only app that can accurately evaluate this correlation and generate a recommendation for your personal best breathing rate. This is possible because “BreathTuner HRV” can simultaneously record your […]

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