Find your optimal Breathing rate

The app guides you through a series of breathing exercises and determines your optimal breathing rate. Practicing at this rate improves your athletic training, your ability to relax, your sleep quality, stress and anxiety symptoms, blood pressure problems etc.

The breathing exercises are designed with high-quality sound flows and spoken instructions to also relax and train your autonomic nervous system.


What BreathTuner offers

You can determine your individual optimal breathing rate with guided breathing exercises without additional sensors, and thus determine the perfect breathing speed for training your autonomic nervous system.

Resonance Frequency

Determine your individual resonance frequency


With high accuracy based on the current state of research


You only need the iPhone without additional sensors

Almost free

Base functionality with high quality Sound-Flows and evaluations is cheap

Exact evaluations and details

BreathTuner provides exact details about your measurements and the results of the automatic assessment of your individual resonance frequency.


Special functions

To our knowledge, BreathTuner is the only app on the market that deals with the topic of “individual resonance frequency” in this detail.


Only BreathTuner can do breathing AND heart together

Almost free of charge

Cheap basic functions + Pro methods for professionals


Integrated function for respiratory training


High accuracy up to 0.25 breaths per minute


Access to all data, diagrams, parameters

Sound Flows

High quality sound flows and spoken instructions


Supports all iPhones from model year 2014

Chest straps

Supports popular Bluetooth heart rate monitors


Recording and evaluation of ECG (with Polar H10)


No login, no upload of your data


BreathTuner screenshots

Below you can see a series of screenshots demonstrating the use of the app and evaluation in BreathTuner HRV.

Load BreathTuner today

You can download the app from the Apple App Store and use it to take initial measurements to determine your individual breathing resonance frequency.

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