HeartBreath HRV

Time for slow breathing

Did you know that your heart beats faster during inhalation and slower during exhalation AND did you know that this is good for you?

The technical term is RSA (respiratory sinus arrhythmia) – a good arrhythmia controlled by your autonomic nervous system. High variability of the heart rate stands for a good autonomic balance and activity of the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and relaxation nerve).

HeartBreath is a biofeedback tool, that addresses exactly this relationship between breathing and heart rate.

VaYou Biofeedback Meditation

Time for You

VaYou Flow is innovative breath sound biofeedback. It is very simple! You breathe relaxed and VaYou generates soothing sounds from it – directly shaped by your breathing.

With the help of real-time biofeedback, your breath, hearing, mind and heart flow increasingly in harmony. VaYou connects you directly with Yourself.

Biofeedback is the future and the future is now – for everyone. No additional body sensors are needed anymore! Just take your iPhone and start your highly personal VaYou Flow experience.

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